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The Complete Surveillance
& Infrastructure Solution

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Mostly meant for: ATC, Weather Antennas, Military Radars, and SATCOM purpose.

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Tower Installation

Self Supporting, Monopole, and Guyed Towers for Radar, Broadcast & Cellular applications.

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Navigation Aids


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PRS Team

with years of climbing experience, knowledge of security standards and technical preparation.

PRS Polish Radome Services

PRS Polish Radome Services is unique in its ability to provide complex and innovate design solutions to satisfy the requirements of communications infrastructure needs throughout.

Complete surveillance infrastructure solution.

PRS is a service provider with over ten years of experience in radomes, towers and telecommunications - mainly in the wireless area. Within PRS, Surveillance Infrastructure specialises in installation and maintenance of towers & masts, radomes and broadcast & cellular applications. We have extensive experience operating with civil, governmental and defence organisations worldwide. The combination of strong project management allied with access to manufacturing and installation resources allow PRS to provide the complete surveillance infrastructure solution.

Specialists in...

  • Radomes
  • Self Supporting Steel Towers for Radar, Broadcast & Cellular applications
  • Guyed Masts
  • Radar & Cellular Antennas
  • Navigation Aids Counterpoise Systems
  • Equipment Integration

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At PRS we firmly stand behind our work.

We want all our customers to be repeat customers and work hard for that privilege.

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Our Recent Projects

On request by the Customer, PRS team is available on short notice to perform any necessary maintenance activities on any type of radome/tower structure anywhere in the world.

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