PRS Polish Radome Services

PRS is committed to quality and customer care, with versatility in project management and services. We are able to offer advice for any situation, whether from our extensive range of standard services, or bespoke solution for a specific requirement.

PRS typical services available include:


Radome Installation, mostly meant for: Air Traffic Control, Weather Antennas, Military Radars, SATCOM purpose.

Radome maintenance:

  • Ordinary and extraordinary construction, assembly, and performance verification
  • Cleaning, repair of structural parts
  • External/internal repainting
  • Repairing of accessories


Steel Tower installations, modifications and inspections:

  • Self supporting, monopole, and guyed towers
  • Tower maintenance
  • Site inspections, lighting, antenna sweeps and structural analysis.
  • Screw pile foundations for monopole and legged towers


Installations of counterpoise steel structure and cabling, such as:

  • Instrument Landing System - ILS
  • Distance Measuring Equipment – DME
  • Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Range – DVOR



  • Radome Installation
  • Radar Tower Erection
  • Broadcast and Cellular Towers
  • Antenna Installation & Cabling
  • Electrical Works
  • Crane Supervision
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Warehousing & Logistics


  • After Sales Support
  • Tower Remedial Work
  • Radome / Tower Maintenance
  • General Design Check
  • Tower Upgrades

PRS Global

PRS offers services in several languages: Polish, English, German, Italian and Russian, which has a major importance if we keep in mind that our performing operations take place around the whole world.

Company strength factors:

  • Multilingual, experienced installation team
  • Organization and logistic flexibility
  • Knowledge of International H&S standards
  • Use of specialized equipment and tools
  • Quality, security and price competitiveness