PRS Polish Radome Services

PRS is committed to quality and customer care, with versatility in project management and services.
We are able to offer advice for any situation, whether from our extensive range of standard services, or bespoke solution for a specific requirement.

Over 300 radomes delivered globally… And still counting

Let’s just say - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We won’t allow it!

Hundreds of meters of steel and concrete towers erected

Got your own crew, but need a supervisor or an advisor? We’re on our way!

Radar antennas DVOR, counterpoise, ILS… You name it!

Your new car got a fresh scratch so you buy another one, right? Not really - and the same goes to Radomes – We can fix, clean, seal and much more!

Does your radar require not only a radome, but the whole infrastructure? You got it!